Can You Really Protect Your Privacy On Facebook?


Reports that Cambridge Analytica misused roughly 50 million Facebook users’ data have ignited debate and stoked fears around social media privacy.

Following the news, some media outlets have outlined ways individual Facebook users can better protect their data. But many cybersecurity experts say these measures aren’t particularly effective when it comes to powerful companies like Facebook, nor do they believe individual Facebook users have much power over their personal data at all.

But can everyday users do anything to protect their privacy on Facebook?

“The short answer is no,” Bradley Shear, a Maryland lawyer who specializes in social media and privacy, told HuffPost. “Facebook sells your personal information to data brokers, political consultants and corporations, so if you really want to maximize your privacy, you need to limit your Facebook use or not even have an account.”

Mark Weinstein, a cybersecurity and privacy expert, echoed Shear. “People forget or don’t understand that Facebook is a data company, and that is their true business,” he said, noting that marketers pay Facebook for data to create targeted ads. “You as a Facebook user are not the customer. You are the product they sell.”

Source – Huffingtonpost